Exhibit A available on distrify and VODO (17/05/2012)

Best UK Feature winner at Raindance and multiple BIFA nominee, Dom Rotheroe's critically acclaimed “true horror” Exhibit A is now available to rent or buy through distrify and will also be the featured Support-and-Share release on VODO. Exhibit A filmed partly in Leeds and was supported by Screen Yorkshire through its Production Fund.

Distrify is a groundbreaking new toolset for filmmakers, which enables them to self-distribute their work in an easy, fun way. Distrify's powerful suite of digital tools encourages viewers to share films with their friends socially and allows them to share in the revenues they generate.

Exhibit A can be streamed, downloaded or ordered on DVD via the distrify player, which has been embedded on www.exhibitathemovie.com and www.facebook.com/exhibitamovie.

The film is also free-to-share for a limited time on vodo.net with various sponsor “perks”, including posters, film stills, DVD extras and a cast/crew commentary. When viewers make a supporting contribution they get private streaming tokens, allowing them to share the film directly with friends.

VODO work with some of the biggest names in P2P distribution to help promote new creative works all over the world - enabling those enjoying shared media to make voluntary donations to creators. VODO will put Exhibit A in front of millions of potential downloaders, giving a whole host of new viewers the chance to discover this “masterpiece of gradually escalating horror”.

Producer Darren Bender said: “We're very pleased to be working with distrify and VODO to build an online audience for the film. Both sites are daring and original in their approach to distribution, so we feel they're the perfect partners for a harrowing and provocative film like Exhibit A!”

Exhibit A is the seemingly unedited video tape taken from the scene of a truly terrible crime. The camera bears silent witness as a normal family disintegrates into an unimaginable nightmare. The film, which is a co-production between Bigger Pictures, Warp Films and Screen Yorkshire, has left a trail of stunned audiences at film festivals all over the world and won't leave you the same person.

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