Bethany Goode, Base Runner Intern on The Syndicate

Bethany Goode, Base Runner Intern on The Syndicate

Meet 'The Syndicate' base runner intern, Bethany Goode

To celebrate the new series of The Syndicate and the graduation of our year two trainees this week, Beyond Brontës Alumni Bethany Goode chatted to our Beyond Brontës Senior Co-ordinator Abigail Houseman about how a placement experience on set helped kickstart her career in the industry.

As a participant on Screen Yorkshire’s Beyond Brontës trainee programme, Bethany had the opportunity to apply for an exclusive internship as a base runner on the set of the fourth series of The Syndicate, produced by Leeds indie Rollem Productions for BBC One.

In the role, Bethany worked closely with the AD (Assistant Director) Department, working closely with the cast to ensure the smooth running of filming and giving her insight into how different departments are run.

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The sunny days were definitely the best, as were the days that some very important four-legged cast members arrived. It always brightens up your day when you see a happy dog!

Bethany Goode, Beyond Brontës intern, 'The Syndicate'

As placements are about learning through experience, the support of the team on set of The Syndicate and Screen Yorkshire’s Beyond Brontës team were paramount.  While working with the 2nd AD Rachel Armitage, Bethany explains she learnt “way more than a base runner would normally do which has been useful for future experiences.”  She also thanked Beyond Brontës for, “the kick start [it] gave me into the TV industry… The Beyond Brontës scheme really did do wonders for me and I am so thankful for all of your workshops and support.”

Behind the scenes of The Syndicate S4 at Ilkley Moor - L to R - Sam (Joe Sugg) and Roxy (Taj Atwal). ©BBC/Rollem Productions

Since her experience, Bethany has found consistent work in the industry, both on the second series of Gentleman Jack and the new Channel 5 Anne Boleyn series.  In the interview, Bethany emphasises that networking was key: for example, her locations role on Gentleman Jack came about because of a conversation with the security guards on The Syndicate set.  “Everyone is important…and just be nice and friendly!” is her advice for other new entrants.

Filming for the series was supported by Screen Yorkshire’s film office team, who sourced locations and crew.  The series premieres on Tuesday 30th March at 9pm on BBC One.  From the pen of BAFTA award-winning Leeds writer Kay Mellor (creator of Band of Gold, Fat Friends, In The Club and Girlfriends) and set between Yorkshire and Monaco the ‘cat-and-mouse’ thriller is peppered with the comedy, pathos and high-drama audiences have come to expect from The Syndicate.

Visit the programme page and watch online: BBC One – The Syndicate, Series 4.