Sophie MacDonald, Costume Trainee on Ackley Bridge

Sophie MacDonald, Costume Trainee on Ackley Bridge

What was your path into film and TV?

I studied Fashion Design at University, then went on to study at The Northern College of Costume in York where I heard about Screen Yorkshire’s Beyond Brontës scheme and they helped me to find a trainee role on Ackley Bridge.

What was your favourite day on set?

My favourite day was when we filmed a 1980’s dream sequence where all the school kids and teachers were dressed up in crazy colourful outfits! It was very fun to create outfits for people.

Were there any challenges you had to overcome?

The main challenge was working during a pandemic when none of the shops were open! Meaning everything had to be ordered online – most of which had to be returned. I had the endless challenge of making sure all the orders being returned were correct and accounted for. I also at times had to step up to higher positions, such as a costume standby, which was great experience!

Do you have any advice for people starting out in the Costume Department?

Being able to sew is definitely a good skill to have! You never know what you will be asked to do so to know the basics is useful. Also, try to gain as many contacts as you can from every department- you never know where your next job will come from!

What was it like working in Yorkshire and not having to leave the region for work?

It was really great to be able to drive only 20 mins to work! We also filmed in some beautiful parts of the county which I never would have visited otherwise.

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Sophie was a great asset to our team, an absolute joy to work with. I have no doubt she will go on to have a wonderful career in costume.

Kate Gill, Costume Designer (Ackley Bridge)