Charanprite Dhami, Producer / Director

Charanprite Dhami, Producer / Director

Hearing from some of the biggest names in the business talking so openly and honestly helps you feel better about your own experiences. Screen Yorkshire’s Richard Knight has so much passion and cares about everyone.

Charanprite Dhami

Charanprite Dhami, Bootcamp Graduate

Despite having completed her studies at film school, Charanprite Dhami was finding it difficult to get work. She was new to the area and as a consequence didn’t have any local industry contacts who might help her find her next project.  Taking a role within the criminal justice system to pay the bills, but always with an eye on training courses that might further her ambition of becoming a director and producer, it was a friend who recommended Screen Yorkshire’s Bootcamp scheme.

Charan’s film school qualification and hands-on expertise (she was a production trainee on Francis Lee’s God’s Own Country just before joining Bootcamp) were a perfect foundation for the three-day programme. It provided her with everything she needed to progress her career. In addition to speaker sessions from those already working in the industry – in which they talked honestly and openly about the ups and downs of working in the sector – Bootcamp took the programme delegates on set, providing an informal way for the group to get to know these speakers in their ‘natural habitat’ and see them in action. Charan also benefited from the consistent encouragement of the programme leader – Screen Yorkshire’s Richard Knight – whose support included advice on applying for production roles to a masterclass to help Charan work on areas that needed further development.

Most importantly, Bootcamp introduced Charan to a group of delegates with a varied background, all of whom brought different skills and experiences to the programme. Through a closed Facebook Group, delegates kept in touch after the three-day programme, shared contacts and looked out for career opportunities for one another. This resulted in several Bootcamp attendees finding new work projects.

Since completing Bootcamp Charan has added a number of production credits to her resume. This includes film work such as Paddy Considine’s Journeyman, Warp Film’s Ghost Stories and a multi-million-pound Bollywood movie, Gold, that was a number one hit at India’s Box Office. She even got to work with Bollywood superstar, Amitabh Bachchan, on his latest movie Badia. In television, Charan has worked on TV projects including episodes of Ackley Bridge and is just about to start on ITV’s BAFTA-Award-nominated Time Wasters. Thanks to Screen Yorkshire’s Bootcamp, her dream of becoming the next Stanley Kubrick is now a little closer.

On the set of 'Ghost Stories': Photographer Paris Taghizadeh © Ghost Stories Limited 2017

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  • Richard Knight, Production Liaison and Education

    Richard Knight, Production Liaison and Education

    Richard assists with the day to day running of the Film Office and also manages Screen Yorkshire’s training and education programmes. Richard has worked for fifteen years as a location manager, predominantly in Yorkshire on films including Four Lions and This is England, and TV Dramas such as Utopia and Prisoners Wives. As such, he has an excellent knowledge of Yorkshire’s diverse range of locations and the logistics of filming in them.