Georgina Kiedrowski, Shooting Producer/ Director

Georgina Kiedrowski, Shooting Producer/ Director

What was your path into film and TV?

I remember going to speak to my careers officer at school and telling them I wanted to be a Cameraman! I was told it was too difficult an industry to break into and at that time, very male dominated. So I made sure I got work experience with anybody that would have me and became an expert at carrying bags and making coffee! In a remarkable series of events, I ended up working as a Camera Operator at Manchester Arena covering Ice Hockey and Basketball when I was just 17. Then eventually got my first job at Tyne Tees Television, before going freelance in 2007 and dipping my toe in the Self Shooting world. I’ve stayed there ever since!

What are some recent projects that you've worked on in Yorkshire?

I’m very lucky to have spent most of the past 3 years working on Helicopter ER with Air TV.  I worked with the team back in 2009 on Helicopter Heroes and  was delighted when they asked me to work with them again. We have a fantastic relationship and whilst I’ve occasionally disappeared to work on adventure shows such as Race Across The World and The Island with Bear Grylls, I always return to fly with them. It really is a fantastic privilege to be on the team.

Tell us about any particular highlights and / or any notable challenges that you have overcome during your career in the industry?

I’ve had so many incredible experiences during my twenty year career that I’m still waiting to wake up! I’ve worked all over the world and met some incredible people. A few highlights include flying with incredible rescue helicopter teams in Australia with Air TV. Working with Bradford lass, Anita Rani in a series about a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan which was hugely humbling and very confronting but an incredible privilege. I’ve also worked on a number of survival/adventure shows which have tested me in ways you could never imagine but have been experiences I couldn’t buy if I were rich beyond my wildest dreams! Of course, as I fly with the Helicopter ER team, I see Yorkshire from a very privileged seat and even after 3 years, I am in absolute awe of the wonderful landscape and incredible work they do. I have had some real ‘stop and pinch myself’ moments in that helicopter!

What do you love about working in Yorkshire? What makes it different to filming in other regions?

Yorkshire has such incredible talent!  There’s a really special atmosphere working in Yorkshire, whilst the talent pool is huge, it feels like everybody knows each other and helps each other out. I’ve worked with Air TV, True North and Daisybeck and had some wonderful experiences. The Covid crisis has been horrendous for the industry, but despite this, I’ve been part of a team who have really wrapped their arms around each other and looked after each other in a way I haven’t experienced before and that’s something I’ll never forget.  Yorkshire is a very special place with very special people.

Do you have any advice for people starting out in the industry generally or your department in particular?

I’d say that entry level positions give you a really great opportunity to learn which path you may want to take in your TV career. Use this time to make connections with industry professionals and don’t be afraid to ask for their help and advice. It’s a good idea to gain experience in lots of different areas in TV to become really good at the core skills which will get you to your dream job!

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