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‘Journeyman’ In Cinemas 30 March 2018

The cinematic release date for Paddy Considine’s highly anticipated Journeyman has been announced as 30 March 2018. Screen Yorkshire has teamed up once again with the multi talented writer, director & actor Paddy Considine & producer Diarmid Scrimshaw of Inflammable Films following their collaboration on the BAFTA Award winning Tyrannosaur

Paddy Considine, known for his roles in Dead Man’s Shoes, Red Riding, The Bourne Ultimatum and Macbeth, not only writes and directs Journeyman, but also stars, alongside Jodie Whittaker (One Day), Faraz Ayub (Honour), Tony Pitts (War Horse) and Paul Popplewell (’71).

Journeyman tells the story of middleweight boxing champion Matty Burton. As he approaches the end of his career he knows that he must make his money and get out of the game, to secure a home and future with his wife and baby daughter. After a titanic fight with the brash and controversial Andre Bryte, Matty collapses on his living-room floor, a delayed reaction to a devastating punch. Awaking from the coma, the real fight begins. Suffering from memory loss and with his personality altered, Matty must begin to piece his life back together as his world disintegrates

Jodie Whittaker co-stars in ‘Journeyman’

‘Journeyman’ is a powerful and beautiful story about loss and, ultimately, triumph. It’s about our identity, and how in life we sometimes have to dig deep into our soul to discover who we really are.


Journeyman, Considine’s second directorial feature wrapped mid-April 2016 after a six-week shoot in Yorkshire at locations including Barnsley, Sheffield and Doncaster. Additional scenes were filmed in Leicester.

Producer Diarmid Scrimshaw said of the shoot,  “Paddy took to simultaneously writing, directing and acting like it was meant to be. He delivered a beautiful performance whilst working brilliantly with the other actors and crew. We are making another very special film here and it is clear that Paddy has a world-class skill and capacity that he’s capable of exercising on multiple fronts at once.”

Journeyman is supported with investment from Screen Yorkshire’s Yorkshire Content Fund, with additional finance from Film4, the BFI and the Wellcome Trust. STUDIOCANAL is on board to handle the UK release and Cornerstone Films will oversee international sales and distribution.

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