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From the writer and director of the acclaimed British film London to Brighton, Paul Andrew Williams returns with a dark comedic tale where the fates of clueless kidnappers, mob assassins and a psychopathic farmer are sealed in a remote corner of the British countryside.

Brothers David (Andy Serkis) and Peter (Reece Shearsmith), and dim-wit Andrew (Steven O’Donnell) hole up at a secluded country cottage. Although barely on speaking terms, they have set aside their differences to make a lot of money fast, by kidnapping Tracey (Jennifer Ellison), the daughter of mob boss Arnie. With Arnie and his henchmen closing in on the hapless three, things quickly take a turn for the worse when Tracey outwits her captors and, with Peter as her hostage, escapes through the nearby woods to a remote farmhouse. As David and Andrew close in on her trail, they soon discover something far more terrifying is lurking in the darkness and the stage is set for a grotesquely comic battle for survival.

The Cottage unites one of Britain’s most versatile and exciting actors of his generation Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings Trilogy) with the comedic brilliance of League of Gentlemen’s Reece Shearsmith. Introducing Jennifer Ellison (Brookside) in her first major cinematic role, the film also stars Steven O’Donnell (Shakespeare in Love).

The Cottage, backed by Isle of Man Film, UK Film Council and Screen Yorkshire, is the second film to be produced by Steel Mill Pictures. Headed by producer Ken Marshall and Paul Andrew Williams, Steel Mill Pictures’ next two projects are in development with the BBC and Pathe. Their first film, London to Brighton, won critical acclaim and earned Paul a BAFTA nomination and a slew of awards including a BIFA and an Evening Standard British Film Award.