Beyond Brontës Skills Initiative

Beyond Brontës Skills Initiative

Screen Yorkshire has recruited the first 50 young people who will benefit from its ground-breaking Beyond Brontës screen industries training programme. Beyond Brontës is our exciting new initiative with a focus on addressing under representation within the screen industries. It is designed to break down the perceived and actual barriers that can prevent young people (aged 18 – 24) from diverse backgrounds break into the screen industries. Our first group of successful applicants comes from a wide range of backgrounds within Bradford, Leeds, York, Barnsley, Calderdale, Harrogate, Kirklees, Selby and Wakefield.

Working closely with local industry, Beyond Brontës offers targeted support, designed to reflect the growing opportunities for young people who wish to enter the screen industries in the region. The bespoke training package, tailored to the needs of the individual, includes internships, careers information, one to one support, training and mentoring.

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What's the latest for Team 'Beyond Brontës'?

Following recruitment of the first group of 50 Beyond Brontës trainees, Screen Yorkshire undertook a skills audit to identify their individual training needs and career aspirations. We worked with IPM casting to deliver a CV workshop aimed at helping trainees to better understand their relevant and transferable skills and how they relate to the roles they want to apply for.

In September, all the trainees were invited to a two day industry Bootcamp in Leeds. Trainees took part in two full days with industry talks from inspiring guest speakers with experience working on productions like The Crown, Gentleman Jack, Darkest Hour, Star Wars, The Iron Lady, Peaky Blinders, Emmerdale, The English Game and Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. Sessions revealed what life is like on a film set across a range of departments including costume, hair and make-up, art department, camera and special effects.

The first group of Beyond Brontës trainee internships is now underway at our partner regional production companies; True North, Prime Studios, Duck Soup Films, Rockerdale Productions and True Vision Yorkshire. We are also in the process of securing further internships for trainees at Button Down, Wise Owl Films, Locations UK, Air TV, Screen House Production and Nicci Topping Casting.

Special Effects demo from Rowley FX at the Bootcamp, September 2019

The screen industries are growing in the region, but the talent behind the cameras doesn’t currently reflect the diverse communities in the UK. We want young audiences to find out about the opportunities available now and understand that a career in the film and TV industries could be for them. Anybody from any background can have a career in the screen industries; there are so many opportunities and there is a place for everyone.

Sam Fray, Beyond Brontës Programme Manager

Sam Fray, Beyond Brontës Programme Manager

Watch our video to find out more

Beyond Brontës held a ‘Get to Know You Day’ for applicants at Northern Ballet in Leeds, where applicants met with the team at Screen Yorkshire to find out more about the programme. Prospective trainees also got to hear about what it’s like to work in the industry and the many different roles required on a film & TV set from experienced crew, including; Jess Taylor – Head of Make Up (Emmerdale), Ruth Bader – Assistant Producer Factual (BBC Bitesize, Fake Britain), Lisa Phillips-Dodsworth Assistant – Costume Designer (Emmerdale), Ben Reid – VFX (Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Breathe and The Ritual) and Richard Knight, Screen Yorkshire’s Production Liaison and Education Manager, who has fifteen years’ experience working as a location manager (Four Lions, This is England, Utopia).

Get in touch

Whether you are a current trainee or want to enquire about further opportunities, get in touch. Our team is also happy to signpost you to other opportunities available that may be more suited to your needs. If you applied to Beyond Brontës this year but weren’t selected for the final 50, don’t be disheartened. Screen Yorkshire will be putting out another call for applications in 2020 and we encourage anyone who still fits the criteria to re-apply.

  • Sam Fray, Beyond Brontës Programme Manager

    Sam Fray, Beyond Brontës Programme Manager

    Sam manages the Beyond Brontës programme, that has been established to address the lack of diversity in the screen industries by supporting young people in the Bradford District and Leeds City Region to develop the skills, confidence and connections to enter and succeed in the screen industries.
  • abigail-website-crop

    Abigail Houseman, Beyond Brontës Administrative Assistant

    Abigail supports Sam to keep the Beyond Brontës programme running smoothly.

English isn’t my first language, can I still apply/take part?

We do not have any non-English speakers on the team currently. We would suggest that you apply in English to the best of your ability. The course will require lots of interaction, therefore we suggest applicants are confident in how they can meet these requirements and we will do our best to accommodate any specific needs where we can.

I have dependants/am a carer. Will this course still be available for me?

Where we can, Beyond Brontës intends to support, remove obstacles and be flexible for our participants. We will assess support with costs associated to caring responsibilities, based on the individual needs of participants

I’m receiving benefits. Will the programme affect them?

There are various benefits that can be claimed with specific regulations and rules on what might affect your benefit claim. The best way to assess your query, would be to visit your local Department of Work and Pensions or alternatively, contact them. Details for contacting your relevant claim department by telephone, can be found here:

Will I be trained in a particular field of the screen industries?

Beyond Brontës will provide various resources to help the selected cohort to gain knowledge, skills and confidence in the industry overall, in addition to supporting individuals’ tailored career interests. Where we can, we will cater to help individuals gain access and insight into their field of interest.

How long is the commitment to the course?

We are stipulating 6 months as the minimum and 12 months as the maximum engagement time for the course. We want to support those who may face barriers so some flexibility will be available and can be further assessed when the cohort is selected.

I’m studying at University/have a degree. Does that make me ineligible?

No - the programme intends to help those who wish to enter the screen industries. You can apply for Beyond Brontës whether or not you have a degree, regardless of whether that degree is relevant to the screen industries or not. Unless you already have an established career in the screen industries, as a freelancer or other, you can apply.

How do I know if I am under-represented in the screen industries and eligible for Beyond Brontës?

It is against the law to discriminate against someone with a protected characteristic and there are many individuals with protected characteristics who are under-represented in the screen industries. Some of these protected characteristics are: gender, race/ethnicity, social class, disability, LGBTQ+ identity, religion, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership and location. These protected characteristics can intersect eg. a working-class individual with a disability. There is more information on protected characteristics here: Beyond Brontës intention is to redress the issue of under-representation in the screen industries by aiding under-represented individuals with protected characteristics to enter the industry. Therefore, we encourage applicants who identify with having a protected characteristic that may be under-represented in the industry to apply for the programme. If you are unsure if you are under-represented in the screen industries there is further information here: (see pp. 31-39).

I’m not from a working class and/or BAME background. Am I still eligible to apply?

The programme is not solely aimed at those from working class and/or BAME backgrounds. Beyond Brontës aims to redress the issue of many people with protected characteristics not being represented in the screen industries. There is further information on under-representation and protected characteristics below.

I’m not in the 18-24 age bracket, but want to be on the programme. Is that possible?

No - Beyond Brontës is designed for people aged 18-24 to help those entering both the screen industries and the careers sector for the first time, we are building soft and hard skills for people who have not had the opportunity to gain that experience. For those from a different age bracket, get in touch with us and we will be happy to share industry advice more suited to your needs.

I’m from Leeds City Region, but based outside of it. Can I still take part?

No - you must be residing within Leeds City Region at present to take part in the scheme. Beyond Brontës, its funders and supporters only have resources for those currently residing within Leeds City Region.

Do I have to be based in Leeds City Region?

You must live in the Leeds City Region area to be eligible. This includes the following cities and districts (view map) Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Kirklees, Calderdale in West Yorkshire Selby, Craven, Harrogate and York in North Yorkshire Barnsley in South Yorkshire