CoSE:Y: UK Film & TV Craft Certificate Hair & Make-Up.

CoSE:Y: UK Film & TV Craft Certificate Hair & Make-Up.

Applications closed 6th February 2023


Hair & Make-Up Specialists are in huge demand across the UK’s booming film and television industries. This 3-month part-time (May to July 2023) course, aims to take in trainees who have ideally graduated from a general Hair or Make-up course, enhancing their Hair & Make-up qualifications and experience, preparing them for the specific rigours of working within the film and television industry.

We are looking for trainees who bring a diverse range of experience to the group and we actively encourage applicants who are currently underrepresented in the film and television industries. Bursaries are available for applicants who need financial assistance with covering the fee for their course, as well as payment plans.

Student showcase, University Centre Leeds: Creative Ambition Make-up course

How you will learn

The course will be delivered by University Centre Leeds in partnership with Screen Yorkshire and ScreenSkills, taught by industry professionals. It will be a mixture of practical and theoretical work, with a possible work experience module on film or TV sets. However, while best efforts will be made, placements cannot be guaranteed. The course has been created in direct response to increased demand for Hair & Make-up specialists on UK-based productions, with the role identified by the BFI and ScreenSkills as an ‘in demand’ skill set across film and high-end television production.

Screen Yorkshire and the CoSE:Y team will deliver an introduction week designed to prepare the trainees for the specific requirements of Hair & Make-Up crew in film and TV, such as their role within a department, the way departments interact with other departments during production, set etiquette, sustainability training and preparation for freelance life (including CV and application writing, tax, invoicing and networking).

Furthermore, as a trainee of Screen Yorkshire, we provide a real on set experience in collaboration with Leeds MetFilm School on a large filming project at the end of your course. It will consist of a 3-day shoot in studio, with a crew, teaching you set etiquette and how to work in a professional manner. You will put into practise all the skills you have learnt throughout your duration of time training with us, providing you with the confidence to move forward with your career.

I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge from the CoSE:Y Hair and Makeup course. We’ve had valuable teaching from industry professionals, and virtual networking with some of the biggest names in the world of film and TV, neither of which we’d have had access too elsewhere. My mentor Laura has pointed me in the right direction with what to do next for when we’re able to go back on set, and has helped me get a ‘foot in the door’ by giving me some fantastic contacts too.

Izzy Donson – CoSE:Y alumni, Hair & Make-up

What you will learn

On completion of the certificate, you will:

• Understand how to communicate effectively with colleagues in both prep and on location/set
• Be able to develop and maintain good working relationships during the production process
• Understand hazards and risks in the workplace and be able to evaluate and minimise risks
• Understand relevant equipment, materials, supplies and related issues
• Be able to select, prepare, organise and manage the relevant equipment & supplies for a shoot
• Organise efficiently the workstations, other ancillary equipment & supplies, prepare set bags, prepare hair washing facilities
• Understand the characteristics of the relevant hair and make-up products
• Have a developed understanding of hair and make-up principles
• Have an understanding of the importance of continuity in hair and make-up
• Have an appreciation of hair and make-up history – the fashion & styles
• Demonstrate an awareness of production issues related to sustainability and the environment
• Be able to operate effectively as a freelance worker

The CoSE:Y Hair and Makeup course enabled me to develop my skill set and allowed me to gain up to date knowledge for working in TV & Film. The quality of teaching was superb, and we were lucky to have been taught by industry specialists from various productions such as; ‘Peaky Blinders’, ‘Marcella’ and ‘Emmerdale'. We have also been provided with a mentor to assist with gaining work experience and securing trainee positions in the industry. The combination of industry expertise and connections provided through the course is invaluable support for emerging northern talent.

Laura Carden-Raffells – CoSE:Y Hair & Make-up alumni

Find out more about the role from our short video interview with make-up artist Nusrat Bibi

Entry requirements

No previous Film & TV qualification is required. Trainees need to have already completed a degree or achieved another relevant Hair and Make-Up qualification. We are looking for a cohort of trainees who bring a diverse range of experiences to the group, and we actively encourage applicants from groups who are currently underrepresented in the film and television industries.

The training will be a ‘finishing’ course for those whose goal is to establish a career path in film and television and will develop their industry focused skills and experience. Applicants with Make-Up qualifications and experience are particularly welcome. Hairdressers who consider applying should be able to demonstrate basic Make-up skills. Training is an investment both for the candidate and the provider, and so should only be undertaken by candidates with a clear commitment to achieving a high level of proficiency and dedication to the craft.

Assessment and accreditation

The qualification will be assessed on the basis of course performance and evidence of technical understanding. Successful trainees will achieve a UK Film & Television Craft Certification as a Hair & Make-Up Specialist in Film & TV, endorsed by the Screen Yorkshire and ScreenSkills and recognised by film and television production and production insurers.


Applicants must be 18 years old on 6th February 2023 to apply for this course. There is no course fee, however, each trainee will be charged up to £250 as a contribution towards materials.

Course dates

The course will run between May and July 2023. Trainees should note that learning commitments throughout the teaching period are part-time (20 hours a week) Full time commitment is expected during the introduction week (April 17th – 21st) and the planned work experience placement.

Applications closed 6th February 2023

Applications received after this date will not be considered. If for any reason you need to submit your application by an alternative method or have any other queries then please contact To apply, please complete and submit our online application form via the button below..

You may be invited to a phone/online interview between February 20th – 10th March. Successful applicants will be offered a place by the end of March and will be expected to accept within 3 days of the offer. We will endeavour to contact everyone who applies, however due to the number of applications we receive, if you have not heard from us by then please assume you have not been offered a place on one of the courses.

The UK film & TV craft courses are part of the Centre of Screen Excellence: Yorkshire, a ground-breaking pilot delivered by Screen Yorkshire and supported by ScreenSkills using National Lottery funds awarded by the BFI as part of the Future Film Skills programme.

As part of our remit to monitor and improve access to under-represented groups in the industry, we report to our funders on the diversity of applicants to this scheme. We would be extremely grateful if you please could also fill in the diversity form on our website application page through the link below.