Matthew Rhys in 'Death Comes to Pemberley', made with investment from the Yorkshire Content Fund.

Who can apply for Beyond Brontës?

To be eligible for the Beyond Brontës programme, you must be:
  • Aged between 18-30
  • Live in one of the following districts: Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, or Wakefield
As the programme is designed to help those facing barriers to the industry, we strongly encourage applicants from those who identify with having a protected characteristic that may be under-represented in the industry.

Who is Flex for?

Flex is an innovative, creative development programme for UK based Writers, Directors and Producers. You can apply as an individual, writers may also apply as a writing duo. We welcome applications that will help us to bring together different perspectives and ways of working. Successful applicants to Flex will be accepted onto as individuals and work collaboratively to generate ideas and form creative partnerships. We believe this is the most organic way to encourage newly formed teams to coalesce around an idea and will support this process. However, in the unusual circumstances that an individual is not able to collaborate to form a team Screen Yorkshire reserves the right to end participation. Please note at least one person within the team needs to reside or work in Yorkshire and Humber and individuals can only attach themselves to one project and team regardless of their role.

I’m not from Yorkshire and the Humber, can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply to Flex if you are from outside Yorkshire and Humber.  

However, Screen Yorkshire’s aim is to secure the very best creative individuals to help make the region future-facing. Therefore, a minimum of one member of the creative team on Flex has to be from Yorkshire and Humber. If you live outside of this region and want to apply as an individual or writing duo, you can do. Writing duos with one member residing or working in Yorkshire and Humber are also able to apply.  Please note it is up to creative teams to ensure one member of the team fulfils the Yorkshire and Humber participant criteria. 

I am a writer and I work with a writing partner; can we apply together?

Yes, although you must each complete an application form - there is a section where you can highlight you are applying as a pair. In the event that you apply as a duo, you will still be expected to work in the same Writer/Producer/Director dynamic, therefore your overall team size will increase. 

Who has Intellectual Property over the ideas/content we produce during the programme?

Flex will have an agreement with each creative team which details the team members and their contributions. The principle of Flex is that this is not a programme for pre-conceived ideas or relies on traditional models for idea generation.  The rights in any project developed here will be shared equally between team members whilst participating in Flex and there will be a partial time-limited assignment of rights to Screen Yorkshire for the development phase.  During this time the team shouldn’t assign any rights or receive development funding for the project from elsewhere. At the beginning of the programme we will ask participants to sign a collaboration agreement with other members of their creative team, which fairly recognises each individual's creative contribution and determines how any IP will be dealt with at the conclusion of the programme, this may vary from project to project.  Any rights in the project held by Screen Yorkshire will be assigned back to the creative team at the end of the development process.  Our priority is to help each project find the best way to continue its development journey but if you have any concerns there will be a formal process to raise these issues during the programme. 

Do we apply with an idea / Are you looking for a particular genre or type of story?

For the purposes of Flex, we are not accepting predeveloped scripts or ideas. We want teams to explore unique ideas together, to take creative risks, and push boundaries with expectations around scripted narratives on screen. The programme will facilitate this journey through a series of sessions and bespoke support. 

What happens if our filmmaking team falls out with each other along the way?

We’ll do all we can to help you resolve any issues but at the end of the day it’s your project and you’ll have to find a way of pushing it through the various development stages 
In the unfortunate event that a member of the team does drop out or is asked to stand aside, we'll assist you in finding a replacement but will reserve the right to approve who they are. In the event that we can’t agree, then we’ll have the right to put the project into turnaround.

What do we mean by ‘emerging creative talent’?

We welcome applications from participants who have already produced some sort of creative content by the time they apply for Flex. This development initiative is focused on innovative, creative content that challenges the status quo. We don’t want to stipulate specific career achievements if you have great ideas to bring to us. However, Flex is not for the very new or inexperienced.  We need participants to be clear about what role they see themselves in and understand what responsibilities this entails. We expect professionalism, and a level of confidence and proven ability to be on the programme so we can really open doors to new ways of storytelling. 

Will I get paid for Flex?

Each team will receive a team development bursary of approx. £5000. This is intended to support the development and time needed to generate your ideas within the team and write your scripted material.  We will cover reasonable expenses where applicable and pre-agreed.  

Are there any restrictions on what the team development bursary can be spent on?

Each team will be expected to provide a mini development budget outlining costings ahead of receiving the bursary. The bursary will be signed off by the creative team at Screen Yorkshire and wherever appropriate feedback will be given and amendments will be requested. The bursary is allocated to the whole writer/director/producer team, rather than one particular member, due to the creative collaborative nature of the programme. It is intended to go towards time needed for script development, research etc.  We recognise that the heavy lifting during development often falls to the writer and if this is the case we would expect bursaries to reflect this when allocating budget.  Likewise if a substantial development responsibility will fall to another team member.

How long does the programme run for?

6 Months, September 2021 – Feb 2022. All participants must commit to the full duration of this programme. Please download the 'Indicative Lab Schedule' below. The sessions will be a blended mixture of virtual and in-person. We are keen for Flex to be bespoke for each team but this indicative schedule gives an idea of how the programme is meant to progress 
We will try and structure sessions and programme elements as flexibly as possible, i.e. evenings, lunch time slots etc. However all participants are expected to commit to the final programme timetable and deliverables. 

I have dependents / I am a carer; will this programme be suitable for me?

Yes! We welcome applications from parents/carers. Where we canwe intend to support, remove obstacles and allow flexibility for our participants regardless of backgrounds. We will assess support with costs associated to caring responsibilities, or other essential needs, based on the individual needs of participants. This support would be in addition to the team development bursary. 

What is the goal of Flex? Where will I be at the end?

All participants will benefit from developing working relationships with other key creatives under the guidance of industry specialists. Creative teams will produce an industry-ready proposal based on the content format they choose to produce e.g., for a series proposal we will guide teams to produce a scripted episode, a series outline, and/or creative production concept and a vision document. We anticipate that teams will have created content that is ready for market, or at a stage where it can go into further development. We will wherever possible facilitate introductions to make this happen, although this is not guaranteed. Part of the programme will include pitching and meeting commissioners or organisations/companies that will help to support this process. This programme will also offer professional development to get ideas across the line.  

Who can act as my referees?

You should provide either an academic or employer reference and indicate on your application form the capacity in which you know this person.

Am I able to amend my application once it’s been submitted?

We ask that you check your application through thoroughly to make sure there are no mistakes before you submit. You cannot amend your application once it has been submitted. If you need to make changes to your telephone number, email address or living address, you can email training@screenyorkshire.co.uk directly and ask for these changes to be made.

Do I have to be based in Yorkshire to apply?

As long as you are resident and have the right to work in the UK you are eligible to apply for these courses, however please note each of the course locations and the fact that we are unable to contribute to accommodation, travel or subsistence costs. We particularly encourage applications from those who already live, work and/or study in Yorkshire.

I’m not yet 18, can I apply for one of the courses?

You can only apply if your 18th birthday falls on or before the 28th February 2021.

I’m over 18 but can’t afford the course fees, what can I do?

If you are over 18 but under 19 then the course is free. If you are over 19 then you may be eligible for scholarship support for all or part of your course fees. Just tick the relevant box on the application form if you would like us to send you a link to apply for a scholarship. We will not ask you to accept any offer of a place until we have confirmed the amount of scholarship support you will receive. Scholarships are not available for the Hair and Make-Up course as the only cost is to cover materials.

I am already studying/have a degree. Does that make me ineligible?

No, so long as your current course of study will be completed before 28th February 2020. To be eligible to apply for the Hair and Make-Up course you will need a related degree or other relevant qualification.

How long is the commitment to the course?

All courses run from March – July 2021. Students should note that learning commitments throughout this period are full-time (approx. 20hrs per week), and there are limited term breaks and holidays depending on placement activity.

I’m receiving benefits. If I’m on one of the courses will this put my benefits at risk?

There are various benefits that can be claimed with specific regulations and rules on what might affect your benefit claim. The best way to assess your query, would be to visit your local Department of Work and Pensions or alternatively, contact them. Details for contacting your relevant claim department by telephone, can be found here: https://customerservicecontactnumber.uk/dwp/

English isn’t my first language, can I still apply/take part?

We would suggest that you apply in English to the best of your ability. However, please note that all of the courses will be taught in English and require lots of interaction. Before applying we advise applicants to consider whether their language skills will enable them to engage with confidence and fully benefit from the learning.

English isn’t my first language, can I still apply/take part?

We do not have any non-English speakers on the team currently. We would suggest that you apply in English to the best of your ability. The course will require lots of interaction, therefore we suggest applicants are confident in how they can meet these requirements and we will do our best to accommodate any specific needs where we can.

I have dependants/am a carer. Will this course still be available for me?

Where we can, Beyond Brontës intends to support, remove obstacles and be flexible for our participants. We will assess support with costs associated to caring responsibilities, based on the individual needs of participants

I’m receiving benefits. Will the programme affect them?

There are various benefits that can be claimed with specific regulations and rules on what might affect your benefit claim. The best way to assess your query, would be to visit your local Department of Work and Pensions or alternatively, contact them. Details for contacting your relevant claim department by telephone, can be found here: https://customerservicecontactnumber.uk/dwp/

Will I be trained in a particular field of the screen industries?

Beyond Brontës will provide various resources to help the selected cohort to gain knowledge, skills and confidence in the industry overall, in addition to supporting individuals’ tailored career interests. Where we can, we will cater to help individuals gain access and insight into their field of interest.

How long is the commitment to the course?

We are stipulating 6 months as the minimum and 12 months as the maximum engagement time for the course. We want to support those who may face barriers so some flexibility will be available and can be further assessed when the cohort is selected.

Do I have to do everything the Beyond Brontës programme outlines?

There are some mandatory sessions and we would love to see you at as many sessions as possible.  However, you can choose to attend these other sessions based on your needs and interests! This is why we do a skills audit early on, to find out what you’re interested in and how we can help you explore this.

I’m studying at University/have a degree. Does that make me ineligible?

No - the programme intends to help those who wish to enter the screen industries. You can apply for Beyond Brontës whether or not you have a degree, regardless of whether that degree is relevant to the screen industries or not. Unless you already have an established career in the screen industries, as a freelancer or other, you can apply.

How do I know if I am under-represented in the screen industries and eligible for Beyond Brontës?

It is against the law to discriminate against someone with a protected characteristic and there are many individuals with protected characteristics who are under-represented in the screen industries. Some of these protected characteristics are: gender, race/ethnicity, social class, disability, LGBTQ+ identity, religion, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership and location. These protected characteristics can intersect eg. a working-class individual with a disability. There is more information on protected characteristics here: https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/equality-act/protected-characteristics   Beyond Brontës intention is to redress the issue of under-representation in the screen industries by aiding under-represented individuals with protected characteristics to enter the industry. Therefore, we encourage applicants who identify with having a protected characteristic that may be under-represented in the industry to apply for the programme. If you are unsure if you are under-represented in the screen industries there is further information here: https://www.bfi.org.uk/sites/bfi.org.uk/files/downloads/bfi-workforce-diversity-in-uk-screen-sector-evidence-review-2018-03.pdf (see pp. 31-39).

I’m not from a working class and/or BAME background. Am I still eligible to apply?

The programme is not solely aimed at those from working class and/or BAME backgrounds. Beyond Brontës aims to redress the issue of many people with protected characteristics not being represented in the screen industries. There is further information on under-representation and protected characteristics in the answer to 'How do I know if I am under-represented in the screen industries and eligible for Beyond Brontës?'

I’m not in the 18-24 age bracket, but want to be on the programme. Is that possible?

No - Beyond Brontës is designed for people aged 18-24 to help those entering both the screen industries and the careers sector for the first time, we are building soft and hard skills for people who have not had the opportunity to gain that experience. For those from a different age bracket, get in touch with us and we will be happy to share industry advice more suited to your needs.

I’m from Leeds City Region, but based outside of it. Can I still take part?

No - you must be residing within Leeds City Region at present to take part in the scheme. Beyond Brontës, its funders and supporters only have resources for those currently residing within Leeds City Region.

Do I have to be based in Leeds City Region?

You must live in the Leeds City Region area to be eligible. This includes the following cities and districts (view map) Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Kirklees, Calderdale in West Yorkshire Selby, Craven, Harrogate and York in North Yorkshire Barnsley in South Yorkshire. More information about the boundary lines can be found here: https://www.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/growing-the-economy/leeds-city-region-infrastructure-map/

If I decide to base my project in Yorkshire and Humber in order to access the Yorkshire Content Fund, what other support will I receive?

Screen Yorkshire has managed investment funds and supported the creative industries within the region for over fifteen years so we can offer other support or put you in touch with other organisations. If you need studios, locations, crew, facilities, office space, or other suppliers we can help you source these or point you in the direction of someone that can.

How are projects evaluated and what type of project is likely to receive investment from the Yorkshire Content Fund?

The success of the Yorkshire Content Fund is measured on the commercial return to the fund overall and of individual projects. Therefore Screen Yorkshire, as fund manager, will be evaluating projects on this basis – market value, recoupment position, risk and overall fit within the investment portfolio. We will look for evidence of market value such as having a sales agent attached, sales projections, UK and other distribution deals, broadcaster commission, analysis of comparable projects, along with risk factors such as the previous experience of the applicants. Secondly, we will consider broader benefits to the region such as production spend within the region and contribution towards overall growth of the sector within Yorkshire and Humber.

Who will decide which projects receive investment from the fund?

Screen Yorkshire’s Head of Investments manages the fund and makes recommendations to the Investment Committee that has ultimate responsibility for funding decisions. An Audit Committee ensures that all decisions are taken independently, and conform to the Operating Guidelines and the Investment Policy. The investment performance and processes of the Yorkshire Content Fund are monitored by an Independent Advisory Panel.

What are the terms of finance for the Yorkshire Content Fund?

No public monies are being used to fund the overheads of operating the YCF, therefore the YCF will charge an arrangement fee along with a backend premium and/or a share of profits. Any investment must be matched with equal private investment and on identical recoupment terms to that private investment. The fund aims to recoup so there will a legacy fund for future investments. For all projects we would also expect the budget to include all costs to complete delivery to all markets and end users.

Does the company need to be established prior to making an application to the Yorkshire Content Fund?

No, if a new company is to be established then an application can be submitted prior to the company registration process. The establishment of the company would be a condition of receiving investment from the YCF. If the company is wholly or partly owned by another company then the parent company’s details must be added in the relevant section of the application form.

Do I have to live in Yorkshire & Humber to apply to the Yorkshire Content Fund?

The project must take place in the region, employ people within the region and be managed by a registered company located in Yorkshire and Humber. The fund is open to companies already based in the region or companies looking to establishing a new entity in Yorkshire and Humber. Investments will be made only once a new entity has been established. Only SMEs (<250 employees; and < 50m euros turnover or <43m euros balance sheet) can apply for finance from the fund.

Do I need to have the private match finance in place before I apply to the Yorkshire Content Fund?

We will always need the private match finance to be in place by the time a full application is received. However, we appreciate that you may not have a firm commitment of finance at the time of the expression of interest.

What type of finance can be used to match against the fund?

Any type of private finance from banks to personal funds, as well as specialist industry financiers or sales or distribution advances, provided the finance is independent of the company to be invested in. Companies’ own funds or those of Directors and Shareholders, or their immediate relatives, does not count as match. Other public finance does not count as match so investment from public bodies or companies established with a public charter such as the BFI and the BBC cannot be counted. Investment from these financiers can form part of the project financing but is not considered eligible match finance. Equally private investment that is not on identical terms does not count as match, such as broadcast licenses and gap finance or distributor advances that take an exclusive priority position. Loans do not count as match.

How does the Yorkshire Content Fund Invest?

The YCF is a co-investment fund; this means that it can only invest where there is at least an equal amount of private finance to match the YCF investment. This co-investment must be on identical terms prorate and paripassu (all receipts due to co-investors must be received at the same time in absolute proportion to the amount invested by each party). The YCF can match private investment in project equity; gap finance; mezzanine finance; cashflowing against UK tax credit, broadcaster or distributor contracts; or amix of the above.  

Can the Yorkshire Content Fund invest in Development?

The fund can invest in games development but does not invest in the development of film and television projects.

What can the Yorkshire Content Fund Invest in?

It can invest in projects within the screen industries sectors within the Yorkshire and Humber region. The fund invests in the production of content but cannot invest directly in companies. It is unlikely we will invest in short films, pilots or any project where there is not a clear and definable expectation that we will recoup our investment.

How much can the Yorkshire Content Fund invest in a project?

The fund will not commonly invest more than £500,000. The fund normally invests no more than 10-15% of te budget of a production. There is no minimum investment, but the fund will not normally consider investments of less than £10,000.

What is the purpose of the Yorkshire Content Fund?

The fund exists to address the issue of a lack of access to capital for screen industries companies that need to part-finance the production of projects. It aims to make a return on its investment in order to be able to continue to support these industries within the region. It also aims to create jobs and increase the GVA (Gross Value Added) of the successful applicant companies. Job creation and regional spend will be monitored throughout the project.

What is the Yorkshire Content Fund?

It is a fund managed by Screen Yorkshire to invest in the production of content within the film, TV, video games and digital sectors within the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Do you offer apprenticeships?

We are not able to offer apprenticeships at Screen Yorkshire

Do you offer internships?

We are currently not able to offer internships at Screen Yorkshire. If opportunities do occur in the future we would post these on our website and via social media

Do you offer a script reading service?

Screen Yorkshire does not currently offer a script reading service.

Can you tell me who to send my idea to?

If your project is ready to go into production and you have raised most of the financing, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions in our Funding section to find out about next steps. If you’re looking for project development support for a film idea (including non-traditional forms of filmmaking), try contacting the BFI at https://network.bfi.org.uk/funding-available

Can I come and look around the studios?

You can contact all the studios directly if you would like to arrange a visit to look around. Contact details for each of the studios are available on their individual websites, which you can find in our Filming in Yorkshire section.

How do I enquire about filming at the studios?

You can explore the region's studios in our Filming in Yorkshire section. If you would like to enquire about filming at any of the studios, contact Richard or Chris in our Film Office.

Do you issue filming permits?

Screen Yorkshire works in partnership with local authorities in Yorkshire and Humber regarding film permits.  Please contact Chris Hordley or Richard Knight in our Film Office Team who can discuss your filming permit requirements with you and advise

Do you offer development funding?

Screen Yorkshire does not currently offer development funding. If you’re interested in development funding, head to BFI Net.Work. You can find out more about what’s available here: https://network.bfi.org.uk/funding-available

Do you fund short films?

Screen Yorkshire does not currently offer funding for short films. If you’re interested in funding for a short film, try the BFI site. You can find out more here: https://network.bfi.org.uk/funding-available

How do I apply for funding?

Screen Yorkshire invests in TV, feature film, video games and digital projects through our Yorkshire Content Fund (YCF). You can find out more about the YCF and how to apply in our Funding section.

Can you give me some advice on my film career?

For advice on your film career try www.screenskills.com. If you’re looking for training initiatives run by Screen Yorkshire, visit the Skills & Training section.

Do you run training schemes?

You can find out more about the training schemes we run in our Training & Skills section.

Do you hire photographers?

The majority of images on our site are publicity photographs taken by photographers hired by each of the individual productions. If you are interested in bringing your existing photography skills to the world of film and television, visit www.screenskills.com for advice on entering the industry.

Do you offer work experience?

We are currently unable to offer work experience opportunities at Screen Yorkshire

Do you have an actors database?

There are several Yorkshire-based actors’ agencies where you can find local actors for your production or make contact if you yourself are an actor. Search online for ‘actors in Yorkshire’.

Can I register as an Extra?

There are numerous Extras casting agencies available, either based in - or covering - the region. The easiest way to find them is through an online search using the terms ‘film and TV extras’ or ‘supporting artists’. You can then register with the relevant agency.

Do you have any jobs / vacancies?

You can find any jobs we have available on our Jobs page.