Yorkshire Content Fund Guidelines

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Application Guidelines

The YCF has been established to provide finance to businesses in the Yorkshire & the Humber region who are unable to raise sufficient finance from existing conventional sources for investment into creative content such as film and television programmes, games, web and mobile applications and interactive media. The YCF will aim to work with conventional financiers to enable funding packages to be completed.

To receive investment from the YCF you and/or your business must:

• Be based in, or planning to locate in the Yorkshire & the Humber region. The YCF can only invest in limited companies.
• Be preserving jobs or creating new jobs in the Yorkshire & the Humber region.
• Be viable and be able to demonstrate the ability to repay the investment and provide a profitable exit for investors.
• If your business is eligible and has already completed an Expression of Interest form, and received positive feedback from Screen Yorkshire on your outline project plan, the next stage is to send us a detailed business case.

You will need to complete, sign and submit the application form via the link below, together with the following:

• A Business Case, which should cover the key areas described in the accompanying Business Case Summary (see below).
• For an existing business, three years historic (audited where available) accounts and current management accounts. This is not required if the business has been recently, or is about to be, formed.
• Supporting documentation, in detail, for the project including a budget, timeline, sales projections (if any), a financing plan to include analysis of actual and proposed co-financing and a recoupment proposal.
• Full CVs of the creative and management teams.
• Copies of Health & Safety Policy; Environmental Policy; and Disability & Equal Opportunities Policy/Statement.

You must always submit an Expression of Interest form via our website and obtain feedback from Screen Yorkshire staff before filling out your application form for the YCF, so that you make the best application possible and to avoid wasting time. If you do not do this, we will not read your application and will return it to you. The application form and associated documentation will be reviewed by the Head of Investments who will then contact you to discuss your proposal.


Your business case should cover the main areas listed below. Some areas will need more emphasis than others, depending on what your project involves. Please include any other information you think is relevant.


In brief, say who you are, what you do, how you do it and why there is a market for your project. Give your current financial position and provide summarised financial forecasts. Give a brief summary of the project and attach a treatment and/or script for film and TV projects, a detailed game or design document and any relevant supporting material.


Give a brief description and history of your business, including details of previous projects and their commercial results. You could also analyse the previous performance of projects involving your key talent and IP.


Provide sales forecasts from independent sales and distribution companies where possible for the project.

• What additional revenue streams do you anticipate?
• Do you have confirmed pre-sales for your project?
• How and where do you propose launching your project?
• What other marketing initiatives do you have in place?


Give details of the skills and background of key people, enclosing their CV. Why are these people right for the project?


Please provide a detailed budget and production schedule for the project. What is the timeline for the project?


Say how much money you will need for the project, over what time period, how you will spend it, where you will get it from and on what terms.

The YCF will not provide all the funding required – it can only invest alongside private sector investment on identical terms, and would expect significant other funding to be in place as well.

Detail how revenues will be distributed and what order. You must be able to demonstrate how the YCF would make a profit on its investment.


Please submit copies of your environmental, health and safety, equal opportunities and disability policies/statements.

How to apply

The fund is open to applications but all applicants must complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form prior to completing a full application. If you have a project looking for investment please complete the Expression of Interest form via the ‘Apply Now’ button below. Please ensure that you read the YCF Guidelines, which you can download below. Once we have received your completed EOI, we will contact you to discuss your application.

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